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House of Rubies

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About Us

My name is Talia, the founder of Meant to Last.

At the age of 9 I was always looking forward to Sundays where I would sit and paint moms’ toenails, play with her hair and even sorting out the nail polish box. It is indisputable that every young girl wants to be a princess. This princess feeling serves as a constant reminder that we deserve to be beautiful.

My passion pointed me into the direction of the beauty industry, I would go as far as to say, “I am in the most rewarding and satisfying occupation”. This is a place where a touch of brilliance becomes a masterpiece.

I completed my studies at Camelot International where I majored in Somatology.

Specialised in:

  • Fundamental training & Colour Theory

  • Professional Permanent Makeup

  • Advanced colour correction theory

  • Bloodborne pathogen course


I further specialised and did my Master Courses in:

  • Master Class in Ombre

  • Paramedical Master Class in Areola


Today I am a registered PCASA member, highly qualified and a professional Permanent Make Up Artist. I believe in the notion, to accomplish the impossible you first need to be confident in your own skin. With all the knowledge I have gained, working and growing alongside the best Artists and Somatologist it is a privilege to say that I am now able to peruse my own dream that is Meant to Last.